Rewriting KBattleShip

This week I’ve started a complete rewrite of KBattleShip. I’m using KGameCanvas on an MVC architecture and it’s coming along quite well. Here’s a screenshot:
KBS4 Screenshot
the ships are all scaled copies of the same one, because I’m waiting for Johann to finish the graphics 🙂


10 Responses to “Rewriting KBattleShip”

  1. [Knuckles] Says:

    Very nice! Looking forward to playing it.

  2. Timo Gurr Says:

    I love it, how about making the fishes swimming around and some waves moving across and hitting the ships so there’s some movement in the game? 🙂

  3. Lans Says:

    It would be nice if the water isn’t the same on the two sides; still work in progress, I guess? Well, looks very nice so far, keep up with the good work.

  4. LinuxReviews Says:

    Here is something you really should consider – and this applies to all the two-player KDE games: Support a central server. Right now most KDE multiplayer games are for those who want to chat with a friend and ask them “Want to play game X”? And you or your friend start in “server” mode and you can play. Knights (the chess game) supports all the chess servers out there, you connect to one, some random person decides to play against you and you’re all set, you’ve found someone to play against. A central server / directory would be great, you connect to it, ask for a game, wait for the next person to connect to it and ask for a game (unless someone is already playing) and now you have someone to play against.

  5. Ryan Says:

    That is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Its so shiny and sparkly, and I don’t think having all the same ship even detracts from it that much. As a user, I just want to say, “Thanks for all your awesome work.”

  6. pcapriotti Says:

    First of all, let me say you have to thank the kdegames artist team for the new shiny graphics, in particular Eugene and Johann.

    @Timo Gurr: Yes, that’s a neat idea. I’ll talk with the artists about it.

    @LinuxReviews: I plan to add GGZ support. More info here:

  7. ac Says:

    I agree with Lans, it would be very nice if the water looked different for both sides.

    And if you manage to integrate some movement in the water, are you also planning to implement some fire animations? I.e. little shells flying from one of your ships to the target square.

  8. ac Says:

    sry for double posting, but let me add:
    apart from the identical water pictures, I find the water impressive. Water sfx with vector graphics can’t be easy =)

  9. Joe Says:

    Just found your game and I am addicted! Agree with the need for a central gaming server. Would be nice to have a constantly updated display of my score and opponents score during game play, not just in the statistics later. Also in single player mode the enemy seems way too nice sometimes. After one hit on my ship he does not keep firing there but lets me off the hook for a while. Any way to adjust opponent difficulty?


  10. pcapriotti Says:

    Thanks for your comment. You’re right: the AI still needs some fixing. I’ll add difficulty levels, but the current one (with minor adjustments) will be the hardest (keep in mind that it’s a kid’s game… anyway I don’t really know how to improve it further).

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