KBattleShip update

KBattleShip development is going on quite well. Johann did an amazing job designing the ships, and we also have to thank Robert Wadley for the ‘hits’ and ‘misses’. Here’s a screenshot:

KBS4 screenshot


5 Responses to “KBattleShip update”

  1. Thomas Says:

    I’d love to see animations for hits and misses, aswell as the water moving. This would make it even more impressing. I don’t know though if it’s possible, and maybe you should postpone that idea for KDE4.1. Other than that though, this is already incredible work! The hits need a little bit of improvement though IMO, they look too much like the gimp “explosive” pencil. The “bubbles” of the explosion should be a little different each.

  2. thom Says:

    and the animation of the smoke.

  3. save Says:

    Very nice, I’m looking forward to see this one finised!
    Keep up your excellent work!
    Btw. Could you please tell me where to get the wallpaper from the screenshot ?

  4. Johann Says:

    I have to fix something: Robert Wadley did the 3 missing ships (1 is missing on this screenshot). I’m only harmonizing them, and in fact harmonizing artworks from 3 differents people. This is a team work for this game 😉

  5. Bobo Says:

    Will we be able to play games over the internet discovering servers with the program?

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