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Canvas adapter and plasma

June 5, 2007

I’ve finally finished polishing the code of KGameCanvasAdapter, a hundred lines of straightforward code that stand as a bridge between KGameCanvas code and any QPainter based drawing system, including of course QGV.

The only test case for the adapter is a port of my kollision game to plasma. Porting was very easy: it was just a matter of having the MainArea class inherit from Plasma::Applet and KGameCanvasAdapter instead of QWidget. The resulting applet is not really a game, at the moment: it is just a box with bouncing red balls.
However, I think it’s a good test for both my adapter and plasma, since it can show how well plasma performs with CPU intensive plasmoids. Here is a short screencast of the kollision plasmoid in action.

The code is available in a git repository:

git clone plasma

will download the whole patched plasma directory. To compile it, you should move it inside a kdebase/workspace working copy, so that it uses the existing cmake build system of kdebase.