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KBoard is dead. Long live Tagua!

July 19, 2007

We finally made a decision, and named the project Tagua. Thanks to all the people who suggested possible names, and expecially to Riccardo Iaconelli who came up with the definitive one.
I’m now doing a global s/kboard/tagua/g on webpages, code, tracker, cron jobs, git repository…

Ah, yes, I forgot to mention that we moved the project to git when we resumed the development at Akademy. There has been a long thread on kde-core-devel discussing the adoption of git by subprojects, and there emerged that moving away from the KDE svn (though apparently discouraged) does not mean parting from the KDE project. I’ll probably talk about our experience with git in a dedicated post.

So, if you want to try the development version of Tagua, either grab a nightly snapshot (temporarely located here), or clone our main repository:

git clone

KBoard: an update

July 18, 2007

KBoard is a project by Maurizio and myself for a generic board game application. It started back in October 2005, and progressed slowly but steady until the end of 2006. After then it was left starving on the playground, basically untouched until a few days ago.
After a prolific discussion at Akademy, we are now back developing KBoard at full speed. Here are a couple of screenshots showing our progresses so far:



Compare them with the old screenshots and you’ll see how much has been done in just a few weeks: the main layout and the clock are now themable via Lua scripts, just like the chessboard and pieces.
I shall thank Maurizio for this astonishing work, and generally for his invaluable Lua theme loader, which is one of the finest pieces of code in KBoard.

By the way, most of the recent changes are actually invisible to the user, and concern the API used by the graphical interface to communicate with game plugins (called variants). I recently worked (not that much) on the animation stuff, and ported three games to the new API. Maurizio made the whole refactoring of the code using the old API at akademy, and revised the concepts around the pool (i.e. the place where captured pieces end up in games like Shogi and Crazyhouse).

We plan to release KBoard 1.0 by the end of the year. It might be an optimistic estimate, but if we continue to work with this speed, it should be actually possible. There is a lot of things to fix, but the planned features are almost all there. Needless to say, any help (developers, artists) would be really appreciated. 🙂

At the moment, our biggest dilemma is the name. We decided that the name should be changed (KBoard is ugly and doesn’t even make clear what the application is about), but after a whole day of awfully poor proposals, we still have to find a decent alternative. So you if have a nice name in mind (not necessarily starting with k, think about Phonon, Plasma, Solid… those are good names!) please tell us!