KBoard: an update

KBoard is a project by Maurizio and myself for a generic board game application. It started back in October 2005, and progressed slowly but steady until the end of 2006. After then it was left starving on the playground, basically untouched until a few days ago.
After a prolific discussion at Akademy, we are now back developing KBoard at full speed. Here are a couple of screenshots showing our progresses so far:



Compare them with the old screenshots and you’ll see how much has been done in just a few weeks: the main layout and the clock are now themable via Lua scripts, just like the chessboard and pieces.
I shall thank Maurizio for this astonishing work, and generally for his invaluable Lua theme loader, which is one of the finest pieces of code in KBoard.

By the way, most of the recent changes are actually invisible to the user, and concern the API used by the graphical interface to communicate with game plugins (called variants). I recently worked (not that much) on the animation stuff, and ported three games to the new API. Maurizio made the whole refactoring of the code using the old API at akademy, and revised the concepts around the pool (i.e. the place where captured pieces end up in games like Shogi and Crazyhouse).

We plan to release KBoard 1.0 by the end of the year. It might be an optimistic estimate, but if we continue to work with this speed, it should be actually possible. There is a lot of things to fix, but the planned features are almost all there. Needless to say, any help (developers, artists) would be really appreciated. 🙂

At the moment, our biggest dilemma is the name. We decided that the name should be changed (KBoard is ugly and doesn’t even make clear what the application is about), but after a whole day of awfully poor proposals, we still have to find a decent alternative. So you if have a nice name in mind (not necessarily starting with k, think about Phonon, Plasma, Solid… those are good names!) please tell us!


21 Responses to “KBoard: an update”

  1. Cláudio Pinheiro Says:

    Ludos, latin for “games”. Simple, two-syllable, sound and catchy name. 😉

  2. Askrates Says:


    Ludos sounds cool.

  3. Trejkaz Says:

    Personally I would call it something like “Moves”. But every good name has already been taken so I imagine that’s the case with this name too.

  4. SubSonica Says:

    Wow! I was impressed since the first versions of the project and wondered much if Kboard was going to be included in the default kdegames set of packages.
    Not only “Ludos” but “Kudos” 😀
    As of late I thought the project had ben abandoned and felt very sad about it.
    I think KDE is badly lacking a css game (knights is ugly) and this addition would be a great bonus in KDE4, so I hope it will make it to the main kdegames group.
    Please, keep up the good work!!!
    Unfortunately, I cannot code: is there any other way I can help you progress in the project -translations, promotion…?
    Congratulations and best regards.
    SubSonica website

  5. SubSonica Says:

    badly lacking a css game

    I meant: “badly lacking a chess game”

  6. Enrico Says:

    I saw it in action at aKademy and it looks really really cool!!
    This seriously deserves a place in kdegames.. Great job guys!! ^_^

  7. Riccardo Iaconelli Says:


  8. Anon Says:


    Ebony :p

  9. Isma Says:

    I would vote for “marfil” or “marphil”, which is spanish for Ivory, but in my opinion, has a more exotic touch. 🙂

    Btw, really great work!

  10. Gonzalo Says:


    Which is a made-up name combined of the word for game in Portuguese with an X appended to the end.

  11. Gonzalo Says:

    or How about iGame?

    I jest, I jest. Well sort of.

    It isn’t taken and there does not appear to be a trademark related to board games.

  12. pcapriotti Says:

    @Riccardo: Ivory had actually been proposed by me 🙂 I like it, but thinking about it, it can be offensive for people who are sensitive to animal rights (ivory is obtained by the tusks of elephants).
    @Gonzalo: ahah, iGame is very nice, but it sounds too much like an Apple product.

    I was rather thinking of something more abstract, probably not related to the word “game”.
    Well… I’m not that good at judging names, I guess I’ll wait for a proposal that will get a general consensus 🙂

  13. SSJ Says:

    “Arena”, a synonym for “Battleground”.

  14. Anonys Says:

    +1 for Arena…

  15. pcapriotti Says:

    Sorry, Arena is taken: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arena_(chess)

  16. shamaz Says:

    impressive work !
    About the name… pick something “google-able” (taking this in account, ivory or arena are not very good names :\ )

    What about rokh (persian origin of the word “rook” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rook_(chess) )

    It’s also the name of a mythical bird
    ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roc_%28mythology%29 )

    And it contains a “k” ! 😉

  17. Johann Ollivier Lapeyre Says:

    Having something “google-able” is needed yes.

    I like the idea arround the Roc/Rokh/Rukh name (eveyone is good, and allow us to make a logo with a bird (think about amarok or firefox…). I prefer Rokh because it already has less results on Google, and allow some marketing like “Rokh Rocks” 😀

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  19. JuegosLibres.net » Tagua, ajedrez para KDE Says:

    […] como versión de alfa, con el codename “Clinks”. El boardgame era conocido antes como Kboard, e incluye juegos como el ajedrez y el shogi. Se basa en un potente sistema de plugins que permita […]

  20. Wolf Master Says:

    Such a well written blog post. Thnkx for sharing this post!

  21. Tagua, ajedrez para KDE - Juegos Libres Says:

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